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“If you are looking for authentic communication, embodiment of feminine power, respectful relating and genuine connection, then attend one of Nikki’s retreats. Not only does she model the qualities that she encourages you to explore, she also holds a fine balance of enough safety for you to step in, as well as the challenge to step up, with expert skill”

— Ritva

“Since Nikki’s retreat I have been feeling incredible. I feel like I can properly use my voice now and that my words are flowing so naturally with honesty.”

— Em

“Wow. Wow. Wow. So many shifts and openings! After that retreat I feel anchored, present and ready to ride the creative waves of LOVE.”

— Rebecca

“I had never attended a retreat before Nikki’s one and really had no idea what to expect. What I experienced gave me a profound sense of self and love that I have been able to re-establish into my daily life. I am more balanced, grounded and connected than I have ever been before.”

— Nicki

“I had no expectations from Nikki’s retreat, except a chance to rewind, relax, do yoga and eat healthy. What I experienced was a chance to go deeper within myself, a connection with like-minded souls, a positive shift in my emotional state and reconnection with myself.”

— Bryony

“I’m sure that you could already see this in me, but that weekend was life-changing for me. After so long feeling lonely and disconnected I was able to be true me again and make friends. I was able to heal and work out who I am and my purpose.”

— Emma

“Nikki just gets it. No matter what you’re going through, she seems to understand and knows just what to say. Her events are sure to push you further on your journey.”

— Brianna

“I cannot recommend Nikki Rhodes’ one on one sessions highly enough, especially for those looking for more than just a counselling session. Her ability to bring emotions to light enabled me to leave feeling a lot lighter and more grounded in myself.”

— Bayan

“Thanks for our session today. It felt like a real break through. After we finished, we just held each other for ages. We both started to cry and I said, “I can feel your love. I’ve never felt that before.”

— Debi Mander

“Why are we not taught how to love? You, Nikki, have given me life’s gift. Teaching how to love. Complex but simple, yet so profound it is beyond words.”

— Paul Mander

“I want to say how much I admire and respect you - and I’m hard to impress! You are ridiculously knowledgeable, and as you talk I can see your brain flicking from psychology, to yoga, to intuition, to experience, which allows you to give the most well rounded, rich and considered advice.”

— Ash Habgood